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Disclaimer & Waiver

Disclaimer and Waiver: Coaching with Urth Spirit

At Urth Spirit, our coaching services and communications, including those via email, are designed to help you identify potential areas in your life and thinking that may be hindering your progress. However, it is essential to understand that coaching is not a substitute for professional mental health care or medical treatment. If you find yourself experiencing severe psychological stress that interferes with your ability to function, we strongly encourage you to seek help from a qualified counselor or medical professional.


By choosing to purchase coaching services from Urth Spirit, you confirm that you have read and agreed to the following statements, indicating your willingness to proceed:


  • I understand that the coaching services provided by my Coach at Urth Spirit are not intended as a replacement for professional mental health care or medical care, and they are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any mental health or medical conditions. My Coach does not serve as a mental health counselor or a medical professional.

  • I acknowledge that the coaching industry is presently unregulated, and my Coach at Urth Spirit is not licensed by any internationally recognized regulatory body. I also understand that, for legal purposes, the services provided by my Coach will be considered as offered from any remote location worldwide or within the United Kingdom.

  • I take full responsibility for my well-being during my coaching sessions and beyond, including the choices and decisions I make.

  • I understand that coaching is not a replacement for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care, or substance abuse treatment, and I will not use it as a substitute for any form of therapy.

  • I am aware that all comments and ideas provided by my Coach are solely intended to support me in achieving my defined goals. I consent to my Coach's assistance in working towards those goals.

  • I understand that while coaching may involve career or business aspects, my Coach does not guarantee specific outcomes, such as increased clientele, profitability, or business success.

  • I trust that my Coach will protect my information as confidential unless I state otherwise in writing. I also recognize that in certain circumstances, such as child or elder abuse, threats of harm, or court orders, confidentiality may be limited.

  • I acknowledge the risks associated with the use of technology and understand that confidentiality may not be fully guaranteed when using email, text, phone, Skype, or other technologies for communication.


Urth Spirit Coaching Services:


At Urth Spirit, we offer face-to-face and telephone coaching services tailored to your unique needs. Our coaching is designed to address various aspects of your life, from personal struggles to business challenges, and we aim to help you find clarity, growth, and empowerment.


Our coaching services encompass a wide range of techniques, including values exploration, thought storming, action planning, and examining different aspects of your life. Through thought-provoking questions and empowering suggestions, we guide you towards making positive changes and achieving your goals. As you delve into reflection, you may also experience a cathartic release of emotions.


Throughout our working relationship, we engage in direct and personal conversations, fostering a co-active collaborative approach between you and our coach. While our coach serves as a facilitator of change, it is your responsibility to take action and bring about the desired transformation in your life.


We understand that each individual is unique, and what works for one may not work for another. If, at any point, you feel that our coaching is not producing the desired results, we encourage you to communicate openly with us. We will restructure our coaching strategy to align with your goals, and we may explore different methods to find the most effective solutions.


We strongly encourage open communication with your coach to gain a better understanding of the coaching process and how to make the most out of our sessions together.


Prior History and Confidentiality:


As part of our coaching process, we respect your privacy and maintain strict confidentiality. All information shared during the coach/client relationship remains confidential, except in rare circumstances where the law may require disclosure, such as a court order or information request.


To ensure complete confidentiality, any external communication regarding your coaching sessions requires your written permission. However, there are exceptions to confidentiality, such as cases involving serious harm to oneself or others, child abuse, or thoughts of suicide, where necessary actions may be taken.


We value your safety and security, and we acknowledge the potential risks associated with technology use, such as email, mobile phones, and cordless phones. If you choose to communicate with us through these channels, we will assume it is appropriate to continue using them in our interactions.


Coaching and Counseling Distinction:


It is important to note that coaching and counseling are distinct services. Our coaches at Urth Spirit are not registered psychologists, psychiatrists, or licensed therapists. We do not engage in therapy with our coaching clients. If any mental health difficulties arise during the course of our coaching relationship, we encourage you to inform us immediately, so we can discuss an appropriate referral plan of action.


At Urth Spirit, we believe in the power of coaching to facilitate personal growth and transformation. Our commitment is to guide you on your journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and achieving your desired outcomes.


Release of Liability:


Life Coaching with Urth Spirit is a service aimed at providing personal coaching to individuals and/or groups. I understand that coaching is not psychological counseling or any form of therapy or medical advice. While my Coach at Urth Spirit will make every effort to assist me in achieving my life coaching aims and goals, I acknowledge that they will not be held legally or otherwise liable for any actions I may or may not undertake as a result of the coaching sessions. I take full responsibility for my choices and actions.


I agree to use Urth Spirit's life coaching services at my own risk, and I understand that these services are provided "as is," without any expressed or implied warranties. I recognize that the decision to engage in coaching services is entirely my own and that I am singularly responsible for any actions or lack of actions I take based on the advice received during coaching sessions.


At Urth Spirit, we may occasionally provide links to other websites or written materials that could be valuable or interesting to you. However, we do not endorse the material on those sites or the products and services of associated organizations. It is your responsibility to make informed decisions regarding the accuracy and privacy policies of external sources. In no event shall Urth Spirit (Provider) be liable for any incident or consequential damages resulting from the use of such material.


By participating in life coaching with Urth Spirit, you confirm your understanding of and agreement to this disclaimer and waiver, acknowledging your responsibility for creating your own results and well-being.

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